About us

“Jrtuk” LLC is an engineering consulting firm established in 1997. Activities of the firm support the development of water and urban construction sectors having vital importance for Armenia and Artsakh. Thanks to professional potential, dedication and continuous improvement, today Jrtuk is among the leading firms of Armenian water sector.

Reliable partner for reputable international firms and employers

The skills in putting together a creative mind and up-to-date technical solutions, competent approach to each assignment makes us different from other firms operating in the sector. Besides, the sense of responsibility and the pursuit to ensure the highest efficiency make “Jrtuk” LLC a very reliable partner for reputable international firms, state agencies, private sector and international organizations.

50 partners, 300 projects, 1․8 million beneficiaries

The firm has established stable cooperation framework with over 50 international partners and has implemented over 300 projects. Jrtuk also is a bridge through which the international experience is localized to Armenian environment with the cooperation of international firms. By combining our knowledge of the world-wide trends and of local peculiarities, we find the best solution for implementation of each project.
We provide engineering consulting services in accordance with both Armenian and international standards, which was highly appreciated by the experts of the World Bank, AFD, EBRD, Millennium Challenge Account Armenia, Pan-Armenian Fund and the experts of other reputable organizations.

Responsible programs in Armenia and Artsakh

We feel responsible for applying our professional skills in the sectorial development of both Armenia and Artaksh and are readily committed to that business. We have been entrusted with consulting services for many responsible projects, such as improvement of Yerevan water supply, construction of Vedi Reservoir, improvement of water supply and waste water systems in 579 villages and 17 small towns of Armenia, improvement of 68 pumping stations, construction of 8 gravity irrigation schemes, improvement of irrigation systems of 15 Water Users Associations (WUAs), assessment of water supply needs of Artakhs, implementation of water supply programs all over Armenia.

Our business

The firm is specialized in providing consulting services for feasibility studies, design, construction supervision and management of water supply and waste water, irrigation and drainage systems and hydro power plants. The firm offers this package of functions in urban construction as well for construction of urban, industrial and military facilities. By combing the traditions with the contemporary, we offer architectural solutions which ensure the strength, reliability, convenient operation and external harmony of a facility. 
"Jrtuk" renders complete package of services starting from feasibility and design up to the quality control and technical supervision and project management.

  • Combination of a creative mind and up-to-date technical solutions

  • Localization of international experience

  • Best solution for each project 

  • Implemented projects all over Armenia and Artsakh


Сontribute to the efficient use and management of water resources all over Armenia and Artsakh and create a design basis for high level urban construction by applying high-level professional skills.


Maintain the leading position in the Armenian water sector as the inventor of innovative professional and efficient solutions in our country.


We are governed by the key values in or work: respect to the nature, appreciation of natural resources, acknowledgement of the imperative need of sectorial development of the country.
The environmental issues are of high priority for our firm, as the protection and management of water resources are integral part of water supply, wastewater and irrigation. We develop all the projects with the assessment of environmental and social impacts, including measures for preventing possible negative impacts.