Jrtuk ensures phased and comprehensive implementation of projects.


We conduct investigations in hydraulic engineering and urban construction and prepare development projects.
  • Preparation of development projects 
  • Preparation of master plans for cities and settlements 
  • Regional planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydrogeological investigations
  • Environmental and social investigations
  • Investigation
  • Investigation

Institutional advice

We provide comprehensive advice on the efficient management of water resources and systemic development of water sector by drafting legislative and practical recommendations and institutional solutions.
  • Institutional assistance and capacity development
  • Advice and assistance to WUAs
  • Establishment and optimization of water management entities 
  • Environmental and social assessment
  • Preparation of development projects
  • Technical and financial audit
  • Drafting and proposal of legal regulations

    Project management

    As a consultant, we are a liaison between the Employer and the executor by taking over complete management of projects.
    • Project management
    • Technical assistance and training
    • Contract management
    • Organization and implementation of tenders
    • Payment management

      Design and expert examination

      We prepare preliminary and detailed designs and bidding documents for construction of hydraulic engineering projects, residential buildings, public and industrial facilities, including collection of baseline data, measurement, topographic survey, geological investigations and laboratory tests and cost estimation of projects, agreements; we carry out environmental and social assessment of projects and prepare construction organization and planning documents, provide technical experts examination.

      Design and expert examination in hydraulic engineering, including:

      • water supply and wastewater systems;
      • irrigation systems (surface, sprinkler, drip, etc.);
      • water supply networks;
      • water intakes;
      • tubewells;
      • water treatment stations;
      • pumping stations; 
      • chlorinating stations;
      • water conduits and pipelines;
      • sewerage treatment plants;
      • sewer networks and collectors;
      • irrigation networks;
      • canals;
      • gravity irrigation systems;
      • drainage systems;
      • hydraulic engineering structures;
      • small hydro power plants (HPPs);
      • sub-stations;
      • protection of pumps and automatic systems;
      • facilities; monitoring system; 
      • fire prevention and fire systems;
      • internal architectural (engineering) systems of buildings; 
      • cooling system;
      • other hydraulic structures

      Design and expert examination of residential, public, industrial and military facilities, including:

      • regional plans;
      • civilian objects;
      • multi-apartment buildings;
      • cottages and individual houses;
      • cultural and sport facilities;
      • entertainment complexes;
      • industrial facilities and complexes;
      • manufacturing complexes;
      • mining enterprises;
      • hotels and tourist centers;
      • administrative buildings;
      • utility service facilities and warehouses;
      • architectural and construction solutions of buildings and structures;
      • long-span structures;
      • military facilities;
      • internal and external networks of power supply, 
      • electric lighting of premises and territories;
      • other buildings and structures.

        Technical supervision of construction

        We carry out technical supervision in order to ensure high quality construction of hydraulic engineering projects, including implementation of measures aimed at mitigation of social and environmental impacts and fulfillment of occupational safety and health requirements.
        • Quality control and technical supervision of construction
        • Environmental and social monitoring
        • Health and safety monitoring
        • Technical supervision of construction
        • Technical supervision of construction


        In pursuit of sector development, we undertake training programs for efficient management of water resources, water supply and irrigation systems.
        • Management of water supply and wastewater systems
        • Management of irrigation systems
        • Management, preparation of budget and build-up of technical capacities of Water Users Associations (WUAs) 
        • ESIA processes
        • Occupational health and safety.